Job Description

GymRush is a fitness-focused social network that is connecting fitness clubs with its members and trainers, online. We are a startup with a single, yet ambitious vision to revolutionize the fitness club industry. We are built around excitement, creativity and the reality of building great ideas.

We are a new company, and we are assembling a mobile application “prototype”.

We are looking for an amazing design engineer – one who is passionate, and a talented mobile application designer and developer with extensive experience in building high quality mobile apps. You should have a solid engineering foundation combined with an appreciation and sensitivity for design. You should be very detail oriented without ever losing sight of the big picture.

You should be excited about solving technical problems and working with new technology startups and ambitious entrepreneurs.

If you are a self-starter with a passion for bringing elegant products to life, then we want you! We are looking for a talented Mobile Application Developer who will be responsible for the design, development and deployment of our mobile application 'prototype'.

Your responsibilities:

- Review: Perform a technical analysis of our design and technical specifications
- Road Map: Produce a timeline detailing what you will accomplish
- Prototype: Develop mock-ups for design validation of both form and function
- Test: Design, develop, and run experiments to determine the performance limits of prototype.
- Collaborate: Assist by participating in brainstorms and contribute ideas for making the application(s) better and easier to use.
- Participate in 1-hour weekly phone/go-to-meetings/Skype.

Your qualifications:
- Knowledgeable about Apple Passbook, mobile wallet, passes for mobile and barcode scanners
- Excellent prototyping and design skills
- Exceptional verbal and visual communication skills
- Action-oriented with stellar organization skills
- Passion for what we are doing
- Programming languages: iPhone/iOS, Android, Java, HTML, CSS, Objective-C
- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- Established Odesk reputation preferred
- Excellent communication in English

Skills: design, engineering, analysis, prototyping, english