Increasing online presence in terms of SEO/SEM/SMM

Increasing online presence in terms of SEO/SEM/SMM


Job Description

We are a law firm trying to increase our online presence in the legal world.

We have recently installed a website but find we aren't doing things right in terms of increasing our online presence.

We are looking for a person or persons or even a company to take care of our affairs so that we can concentrate on whats important to us, the legal work.

We want to try you out for a short term first to see what your capable of, if we are happy with you, we will employ on permanently.

Kindly look at our website and see:

1. Suggest remedies we can incorporate

2. Make a bid and inform us of your ideas

The website address is

Please do make a bid when replying as well and have a plan you have which you want to institute.

Make sure your english is impeccable. This is a must.

Also make sure you are easily contactable.

Many thanks.

All the best.

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