"Line Chart" - iPhone App


Job Description

Super Simple iPhone App

The Idea - Phase 1

1) A user is shown a screen with five different icons
2) They select an icon each day, which corresponds to a value out of 5
3) This value is then charted over time on a "line chart"

I've built a working model using Excel in about 30 mins and looking for someone to code this into a working iPhone app for me?

**We have some example apps / websites that will also help conceptualise the idea

This is just Phase 1 to build a 'minimum viable product', so we can begin testing the concept and playing around with functionality


The code must be very flexible, as we want to then keep building further functionality in small iterations, including:

- Facebook / Twitter sign in (and capture of some basic info)
- Ability to password lock the app (using a 'dot lock')
- Ability for someone to retrieve their password
- Ability for us to collect and store all data that is generated by users of the app
- Ability to have multiple "line charts" going at once, and ability to overlap a few or all "line charts"
- Ability for the user to add a "hashtag" after they choose a value, to indicate why they chose that value
- Ability to "trend" these "hashtags" later by the value choosen
- Ability to share the "line chart" (or sections of it) on facebook / twitter
- Ability to calculate specific "averages" of past entries and show these on a "line chart"
- iPhone first, then option to expand into Android


Serious app developers only - with a longer term view on building functionality in iterations

Please also attach links to relevant previous work

**IMPORTANT - Please reply with the words "WORM BADGER" in the subject line so I know that you've read and understand my description

This is exciting, looking forward to connecting with you!

Skills: facebook, twitter