Well-Rounded VA/Receptionist/Phone Support

Well-Rounded VA/Receptionist/Phone Support


Job Description

We are looking for a Receptionist/Researcher Assistant and other administrative tasks.

The applicant that we are looking for must possess the following qualities:

1. Must be Fluent in English. (Near-native level...(PLEASE))
2 Must be highly exposed to the American culture
3. Must be exceptional in Google research
4. Must be Detail-Oriented
5. Must be Organised
6.Must be Punctual (Someone who values time)
7. Must be Proactive
8. Must have no problems in following instructions
9. Doesn't allow me to repeat instructions over and over
10, Must have no problems learning new software or any computer-related skills; preferably someone who is technical
11. Must be a professional in writing emails

Lastly, I would need a voice recording attached with your cover letter.

To prove that you have read everything here,

Answer this question: What is the state nickname of Michigan?
Provide me a URL of a picture of Drew Van Acker

(No generic cover letters please)

Skills: research, english, virtual-assistant-skills, online-assistant