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Interior Design


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We develop a prestigious hospitality project, Swiss made and with international potential.

Le Bijou is an exciting and innovative hotel alternative, offering an uniquely customized service.
We transform downtown apartments at exciting locations into hotel suites by combining state of the art interior design
with our on demand, customized service-model.

Imagine, there is someone who remembers your habits, your favourite drinks or that you need an additional blanket at night. Someone that knows you
like to go clubbing and invites you to parties even before you ask. Someone that knows, you need a special adaptor or an additional monitor to work on your project.
Imagine, there would be someone who is always a step ahead. This is the Le Bijou Virtual Concierge Program. Our system remembers each guest’s individual desires
and prepares the perfect stay, every time a guest returns. We want to be more than an accommodation, we want to be a second home.
Our guests can order catering,-laundry-, chauffeur-, wake up-, booking- and many other services via one single device; simple and convenient.
We individually interact with our guests - not only via services- also with an end to end mood control.

Like Starbucks, we offer completely self managed investment unit. As we don't own property, we are flexible and scalable.
Our service creates a personal, private and luxurious accommodation on one hand and a more interesting income for property owners on the other hand.

Our "core-brand" -Le Bijou- focuses on a standard design solution for 1 - 5 room apartments, divided into a studio suite (1-1.5 rooms, 20 - 50 m2),
a junior suite (2-3 rooms, 50 - 100m2) and the superior suite (3-5 rooms, 100-240m2).
We mainly work with modular furniture which fits to whatever the floor plan requires and enables us to equip each property fast and at a reasonable

We are looking for fresh interior designer, joining our team. If you're interested, send us your portfolio.

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