Audio Editing of existing catalogue

Audio Editing of existing catalogue


Job Description

I'm looking for a skilled audio engineer / musician with professional audio editing skills to edit my music catalogue.

The plan is to update my soundcloud account and put all my catalogue on there. Some of my compositions are quite long and contain different moods and styles of music.

Your job is to ID these different styles and sections and edit them so they can stand alone as single tracks on soundcloud.

No composition needed. Only editing of music into smaller pieces.

You will work with stereo tracks. Preferlably on Logic Pro.

This is work for hire, you will not earn any credits as a composer or editor.

You can listen to the existing catalogue on

We will work album by album. You will start with one album of about 10 tracks and if you're a good fit we'll discuss more work.

This job is for editing 10 tracks of about 3-10 minutes in length each.