Analyst Position


Job Description

We are looking for hardworking, quick typing, accurate analysts with a CFA designation to help our calendar events desk team. The candidate will be required to research online hundreds of companies and quickly enter the details into our systems.
This is data entry but not so simple, as everything must be highly accurate, timely and requires analysis. Additionally as you progress you will be called upon for real time analysis, call a company, interpret results, for our newsroom teams. This position requires good phone skills and perfect English. Candidate will be required to work daily. Start PT with FT likely based on your value added.

Candidates with insightful and reliable work ethic will have opportunities to move up.

Sell-side equity research experience a plus. A fast, reliable wired internet connection is required. 5Mbs or higher, you can do a free test via Fast typing skills also required. 45wpm or higher, you can do a free test here

Please provide a resume and cover letter along with the results of these two tests for consideration.

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