Visual Basic .Net with MS Access

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About Existing setup
1. Development of application using VB 2010 and MS Access 2007
2. Data will be given by ADMIN and USERS
3. Parameters are setup by ADMIN
4. USERS send their data by entering in MS Excel
5. USERS raw data is processed by ADMIN parameters.
6. Final Output is stored in MS Access to generate reports for different users.
7. ADMIN parameters are stored in tables of MS Access database (bsimsDBF.accdb)
8. USERS data is picked from Excel Sheet and stored in bsimsDBF.accdb

9. Directory Structure
a. c:\BharatiyaSiMS - where the application resides
b. c:\BharatiyaSiMS\DBF - MS Access file bsims.dbf is saved
c. c:\BharatiyaSiMS\TeamDecisions - Users Excel file is stored

Development in progress
1. System get USERS data from Excel Sheet into bsimsDBF.accdb
2. Database Connectivity using OLEDB

1. One Parameter "ORDERBOOKFINAL" to be worked upon
2. ADMIN setup in VB Form to enter Information about PRODUCT in bsimsDBF.accdb
3. PRODUCT Variables to setup by ADMIN is
a. Number of Products in play
b. Minimum Price and Maximum Price of each Product
c. Threshold limits of each product is setup in %. THRESHLo1...THRESHHi2
d. Price Flexibility to be setup in %. PRICEFLEXLo1 ... PRICEFLEXHi3
e. Minimum Demand to be declared for each product
f. Total Industry Demand for each Product
4. USERS data of Product Price for each team is picked from bsimsDBF.accdb
5. Based on the inputs from ADMIN and USERS, SYSTEM will follow certain business rules as defined in separate enclosed documents to generate OUTPUT that is stored in a TABLE.

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