Googlewhack Generator

Googlewhack Generator


Job Description

I need to create a web-based tool that will generate 3 English words that return no more than 2 results in a Google search (and, ideally, 0 or 1 results).

This generator should be able to search an English dictionary and test random combinations until it finds an optimal result. It will then store the result in its database (so it won't use it again). It will then display the resulting 3 words to the user with the options to "Save" the words "Try again" or edit a single of the 3 words.

For example, say the tool ran and it gave back the following 3 words:

ossify odor Hornswoggle

(you can try a Google search with the above words & should only get 1 exact match)

The goal would be that the user can:

1) Save - when pressing "save" a new HTML page is created on my server with these 3 words as the only meta tags and the title of the page. This is then stored as a set not to try again

2) Try again - just start over

3) Each of the three words is displayed as a button, so simply pressing one of the words tries to replace just that word until a new optimal result is found and displayed to the user

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