Research 1000 SEO/SEM Companies Using Google Search

Research 1000 SEO/SEM Companies Using Google Search


Job Description

**We do NOT accept applicants from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka**

TASK: You will utilize Google search (Organic + Maps) and research SEO and PPC companies in selected cities and metropolitan areas. We will give you cities and keywords to search.


Excel spreadsheet (Divided by cities) will contain the following categories:

-Company Name
-Website URL (without http://www., etc)
-Company Email Address
-Company Phone Number

OUR BUDGET: $20-30 Maximum

TIMEFRAME: Must finish in 3 days. 350 Files (All MUST include email) Per Day


-Able to call companies (on occasion) on phone
-At least College level English skills (If your English is bad, we won't hire you)
-Must be ON TIME, quick responder, and reliable
-A problem solver who understands directions

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