Extract pictures from Website and put into PDF.

Extract pictures from Website and put into PDF.


Job Description

Hi there,

I need a reliable and fast working person to go to http://www.worldfloorplans.com
and under the Dubai Menu, I want you to click on each project. (Except for a few will be excluded.)

I want you to then click on each location map, images and floor plan and and extract clear readable screen shots or other way of image capture with all relevant information, then I want you to bundle them into PDFs offline with the proper title names to each Pdf and put in a labeled folder then sent to me.

For Example, you click on Arabian Ranches, it opens a page with the listings Alvorada - Arabian Ranches and it has six links to different floor plans, you click on each floor plan, you open it on your screen and you capture the floor plan image and relevant information ( I do not want any ads in the image you capture) make sure it is a clear and readable capture. You save it as a PDF and you add my company label and put a hairline border around the image, and my contacts to the image and you label the pdf and then you bundle it with the other six floor plans for Alvorada. You then put in a labels folder called Arabian Ranches, then you do the same to the next set Golf Homes - Arabian Ranches. Once you complete all the Arabian Ranches you go to the Barsha & Tecom tab on the left and do the same until you have done the entire Dubai Menu.

I have attached a sample, but yours needs to be better, the image needs to be at least as clear, and the contact info needs to be placed strategically placed. Also it should open so that all the floor plans are right side up and pages do not need to be turned to be read.

Please put the words "Fast Floor Plans" in the Subject when replying to this job so I know you read the content.

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