Experienced professional in drop-shipping, product outsourcing

Experienced professional in drop-shipping, product outsourcing


Job Description

How are you? I noticed in your profile that you have experience in drop shipping, as well as other talents you display. I have a new online business I would like to inquire with you about your services. I am looking to inquire about how your experience could help me grow my business. Just to be clear, I would like to sell other companies products on my website. When a sale has been made, I would like that company to send the product out to the customer with my company information on the customer's package. Is this something you have experience in? Besides the two points that I mention below, what do you suggest for my company? The two points I am looking for are halal beauty brands to be drop shipped on my website. At the moment, this is what I need done:

1) Find global beauty brands that have halal certifications and that are willing to do drop-ship with my company (word document with just the name of the business is fine). I do not intend on having inventory.

2) A one sheet email that I can send to each beauty company to inquire about their interest

I am available for any questions or concerns you have about my description.

Many thanks,