augmented reality (ar) app and ios


Job Description

About Us
We are a 5 star oDesk provider. Over 3000 hours and over 171 positive reviews.

We are keen to find new talent and new contractors to oDesk. We are keen to work with developers who have built existing AR apps and content management systems.

Please include a link to the App Store or Google Play store. You must be also available to provide a reference from the client to confirm you actually built the app or have source code.

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a contractors that has the following skills:
1. Strong iPhone App or android background in AR.
2. Ability to quickly adapt to requirements.
3. Exceptional attention to detail and great communication.
4. Top 10% to 30% on oDesk iOS or Android tests.
5. Strong Team Player and Leadership Skills
6. Willing to work on a long term fulfilling role.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
1. Your background, cv, resume, portfolio of AR apps and please have one piece of ID (national id card,passport, drivers license, student id number etc) for signing NDA.
2. To prevent the robots taking over the world you must include I am a human not a computer and I want help change the world in the first lines of your bid
3. We have a preference for working with candidates in Europe and Eastern Europe.
4. Please confirm the time you can work over the each of the next 5 days. Please confirm if you have a full time job or any other job online or not online. Please be honest up front.
5. You must have Skype. Please include your Skype availability so we can arrange an immediate interview.


Skills: leadership, mobile-application-development, management, android-sdk, android-development

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