building restaurant accountant forms

building restaurant accountant forms


Job Description

im a restaurant consultant , i deal with hundreds of independent restaurant owners who do not know how to manage their operations.

what i would like is a easy to fill out daily sheet that the managers or owners would fill out, it includes sales , exspenses , manager coments

i will set cost areas goals for each restaurants
example food cost % 32 %
labor cost 22%

what i want to be able to do is send them back a easy to read color coated , with graphs charts , about what they spent to produce total sales
like a weekly P&L

most owners dont know how to read a P&L it is sad but true

then i will use my 25 years of restaurant operation experience and i will put consultant tips with each weekly reply

example , you spent 86% of food and labor this week your food purchasees where way to high , must order tighter

labor cost was high on tuesday which cause you to run a 31% labor

the most profitable restaurant manage thier business in the shortest period of time like the franchisee do.

so what im doing is teaching owners to look at their weekly numbers then give them action plans to correct any underperforming areas.

most restaurant owners cant afford to pay a consultant to come on site this is like a consultant by email

i need someone who nows how to develop easy excell forms , where when the customer send us their daily report all we have to do is copy and paste and are whole report self populates

are you qualified to do this , is this in your line of expertise

peter brochu