c Sharp programming and Database

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Job Description


This assignment aims to develop students capabilities and skills of solving real-world problems with C# programming language. The assignment directly related to unit learning outcomes 1, 3 and 4.

Task description:

The simple version of the elevator is illustrated below:

Task 1: To created a GUI which contains
• Two request buttons corresponding to the two floors, respectively
• One control panel with two buttons and a display window
• A display area that display the status of the elevator, i.e. which floor the elevator currently stays
• A log button
Task 2: To create a control program that process the events published by the GUI. That is,
• When any request button is pressed, the elevator moves to the corresponding floor – the display area shows the corresponding floor number
• When the floor number button is pressed, the display window on the panel and the display area show the corresponding floor number
Task 3: To create a log which record all operations and the corresponding status of the elevator and the time information in a database.
Task 4: To integrate the programs developed in Tasks 1 to 3
Task 5: To test your program against requirements given in Tasks 1 and 2. Find out the reason why your program does not meet the requirement if this is applicable
Task 6: To write a report which should have the following sections: aim, task description, programs and comments, and testing results


What to submit – The entire C# project including all folders and files, and the DB which should be saved in bin->debug folder, and saved as .zip file
Name your submission – Your submission should be named with the following format: studentIDAssOne.zip
Where to submit – To a special folder on Breo, called 2013AssOneSubmission

Important note:

This is practical based mini-project assignment. Code and report will be individually marked. Discussion and peer help are encouraged but copying peers’ work is regarded as plagiarism.

Skills: test