convert older wordpress site to mobile responsive design


Job Description

i have a custom wordpress site that is 2 years old. at that time, it was super well designed and custom coded from scratch. it was very nice and extremely professional.

the site was archived into a zip (all data and the database as well).

i need a talented wordpress developer to look at the site and convert it over to a modern wordpress site that is optimized for the most current version of wordpress.

you can keep the design as close the old version as possible. none of the design files should change at all, again, this site was extremely well done.

what needs to change is the following.

1) compatibility with current version of WP

2) 100% mobile responsive

3) HTML 5 would also be GREAT

option 1 would be to convert this to a free twitter bootstrap base
using the current version of bootstrap

option 2 would be to convert this to a custom studiopress genesis child
theme (several of them are mobile responsive as well)

I have all of the original PSD files that were used when the site was converted
and sliced from PSD to wordpress, so if you need them i have them.

I am not in a rush to complete this project, i will wait for the best wordpress developer with the most hours & experience that can do this.

Every developer will have a different approach to doing this, so tell me a bit about
your approach. Which base theme can you use? bootstrap? studiopress genesis?

I pay ON TIME always and i ALWAYS leave excellent feedback.

So, are you a wordpress ninja? can you handle this??

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