crawl car data site and extract specific fields


Job Description

Looking for someone who can help me get some pricing data from a car website.

The project deliverable is a CSV file that contains the information below.

Scrape each model within each year (take the Rough Trade-In, Average Trade-In, Clean Trade-In, and Clean Retail "TOTAL PRICE".)

For every Make (ex. Acura) we should be able to build a spreadsheet with the following columns:

make url, model url, model variation name, model variation value url, model description, model photo url, rough trade-In, average trade-in, clean trade-in, clean retail

Thank you!
Added 30 DEC 2012, 3:25 AM EST
Here is a list of all of the makes and models that I need data for. I added the needed columns to the spreadsheet to show where I want to see the information populated from the crawl.
Added 30 DEC 2012, 3:27 AM EST

Starting from:
[obscured] /Cars

Go to each car Make like:
[obscured] /Cars/2002/Acur...