create 20 marketing graphics FAST JOB

create 20 marketing graphics FAST JOB


Job Description

i am building a website for a design agency.
specifically, i need to create some graphics that represent the websites that our agency has built.

i am TERRIBLE at resizing graphics and working with dimensions and resizing images.

i need a person that can resize / create 20 graphics for me.
(2 graphics for each 1 website)

here is the breakdown for the 20 images.
i need 10 480 x 480 images of the main title or logo for each website.
i need 10 688 x 984 images that are a screen shot of the main page or
the logo + the screenshot, just something that looks nice and fits the
dimensions of 688 x 984

I will send you a zip file that has 10 folders in it. each folder will have several
graphics and logos and screen shots and picture files for each of the projects.
you will open the folder, use your artistic judgement, and create these 20 files
for me as .png files

This entire project should take a solid photoshop expert maybe 3 or 4 hour total.

I will leave you VERY good feedback, 5 stars, and i can pay right away.

NOTE: the heavy lifting and hard work is done. i already have tons of graphics
and logos etc for each of the 10 portfolio items. i will provide all of these two you, you just need to do some basic resizing and create some clean website portfolio demo graphics.

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