document management archive (sharepoint or zoho?)

document management archive (sharepoint or zoho?)


Job Description

i run a network of 25 article / blog based websites.
they are wordpress sites where i publish articles.
i have several remote writers from all over the world (odesk)
i am exploring possible solutions to best organize my writers, the
articles they write, and where i publish those articles.

i have had accounts on many services such as dropbox, zohodocs, sharepoint365 and windows skydrive, and basecamp.

here is my exact workflow:

1) i find a specific keyword that i want my website to rank for. i google that
keyword and i find the top / best articles that are already published on other websites and blogs.

2) once i identify very high quality articles, i download them and save to a word document. this word doc is saved and i also save the original URL of the article as well as make a note about what keyword or keywords that article is about. I then save this document and usually put the word ORIGINAL at the front of it as part of the filename.

3) i then give this article to my writers and i tell them to read it, study it, and then have them RE-WRITE the article. when i say re-write, i dont mean run it
through software, i mean fully digest the article, study it, do more web research, etc. and then re-write it. over time, i might have 5 different versions of that article, or rather 5 articles, all 100% original content, that are 100% written and optimized for a very specific keyword in google.

4) i then publish these original articles on various blogs that i own. each article can only be published 1 time.

5) i have 1 employee and their entire job is to read the final published articles in word format and approve them. once he approves them he decides which website to publish that article to. he then logs into that website, copies and pastes the article text into wordpress and publishes it. he also makes note of which article was published and to what blog so its not re-published again.

i am trying to come up with the best way to handle writing and archiving and organizing 1000+ articles and growing.

i have experimented with a couple "systems" but i am not a complete pro.

i am looking for the most "elegant" solution possible. i dont need any other major project management features or fancy features... i just need to organize the original articles and their multiple versions of re-writes. i also need to record where the rewrites / new articles are published.

open to doing this in ANY system except google based services. no google.

sharepoint or something with zoho looks the most suitable but open to ideas.

most elegant solution with the lowest cost to implement wins!

Skills: microsoft-sharepoint, research

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