eBay API Query Scheduling

eBay API Query Scheduling


Job Description

We are developing a backend for aggregating auction prices with API calls to the “ebay finding api. We want to record ended auction values to trend and analyze later. We specifically are starting with smartphones and are looking to capture average sold prices for each individual model we are tracking. This will allow us to gather lots of data pertaining to sold auction listings.

eBay finding api outline:

-It should have a fluid design that incorporates asynchronous javascript (AJAX) where possible to prevent from many page loads.

-This interface will require a dashboard where all functionality will be accessible from the same dashboard UI.

-There will need to be a lookup field to retrieve the aspect Histogram filters for a specific keyword or category. This data should also be able to easily be added to a mysql table. We want this data so we can make accurate searches to find the correct Reference IDs.

-There will need to be a lookup field to find the eBay item ReferenceID, also input for a CategoryID and select filter options using found aspect filters from the previous aspectHistogram lookup, ReferenceID mentioned here: http://developer.ebay.com/DevZone/finding/Concepts/FindingAPIGuide.html#useproduct This ReferenceID and CategoryID will need the option to be saved in a mysql table to be pulled later into other ebay api calls.

-There should be a queue system built in to add scheduled api calls that can be constructed via the dashboard interface.

example: select category ID, select item ReferenceID, select limit of listings to analyze, select listing status (active/ended with sales/ended without sales), how often to update row data (X minutes/hours/days)

With returned data: store in mysql and take averages, totals, high dollar, low dollar, items read, etc.

-Each of these scheduled api calls should be in an interface that will allow us to make edits to that query or scheduling edits.

In your reply please use the term "I Know the ebay Finding API" so we can confirm no bots.

Skills: ebay, design

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