Job Description


Before i go any further creating my online business i would like to know if what i am trying to do is possible. I would want to hirer some one to help me if what i purpose is not do-able in the first place.

Some profiles suggest individual open minded people with vast experience in different ecomerce systems. So; I would like my shop to sell goods from another online bussiness. Which i think would be done by a link taking them off my site (i will shortly find out). Anyway that's ok.

I would also like to sell 4 types of products, audio, visual and services. Plus a iteams from a linked shop. I would like the eccomerce shop that i use to be intergreated. So it looks and feels some what like my site as much as possible. My site main frame being a blogspot.

Two of the products may come straight from my site (the ecomerce shop i intergrate) and the other two products will send them to other shops via a links which will take them off my page.

It is important to me that the shop looks as a part of the rest of the website as possible. My other prorieties are that the shop interface is fun and easy to use and the admin features as i am a newby, a total newby.

My reading is taking me around in circles and i question if a can have a shop with three....inventory leads coming out of it. Security (pay carts) sometimes say's other wise then other times not.

Whats your opinion and what could you do to help me get around these topics?

I am looking at using Vendio, Shopify, Payloadz, E-Junkie or Tradebit. For the linked shops i am looking at for the sale of the goods my clients need to obtain and Zazzle (for printer and shipping out of poster art) because the e-shop's listed above don't seem to offer that service, only downloading.
Do you know other wise or have any suggestions?

Please bear in mind that i am a sole trader, opening a very small business and if i asked to employe your services and you accept you would have to work with me. You may possible be picking up from where i get lost/stuck. I would ask that you show me, describe what you are doing i.e. giving me an up date because i need to know how to do things my self, i would need to understand future problems i may have so i can attempt to solve them 9and not get rip't off by other's), if you know what i mean. I hope you understand this need.

I hope to hear from you in terms of advice and what your plan would be if you where to build my shop. If you could estimate a cost and time that would help, but i understand if you can't because you don't know if you'll be starting the shop by strach or not.

Thank you.