ecommerce product content with SEO slant - read job description fully


Job Description

An e-commerce site is changing platforms and updating it's on page content (currently nil) and wants to have quality engaging content for both the site visitor and search.

It should be fun, quick and easily because it's in a niche everyone loves - namely candies, sweets, lollies, chocolates etc.

They are using woocommerce with Yoast SEO as their platform

The fields required are:
Yoast SEO Product Title - To contain product name (keyword), sizes / variations and site - 70 characters max (50 min)
Yoast Meta Description - To contain name (keyword) - 156 characters max (140 min)
Product Excerpt - 55 words max (40 words min)
Product Description - min 250 words

You will be able to get the product name / title and keyword from the product page. You will then have to do some quick research to get an understanding of what the product is about.

Then you will need to write quality, fun and engaging content for the above mentioned fields (eg in the product description instead of just listing the same information found on other sites, you might tell a fun made up story about the product) - where appropriate (eg meta description, excerpt, description) it should include calls to action. Of course it should be spelling and grammatically correct too.

The exception will be the product title - it will just be the product name, variations and site title.

You role would be to literally go through each product in the store and fill in the fields above. There are approximately 1000 that need to be done.

To be considered please:
- reply stating you have excellent understanding and comprehension of english (Australia / UK)
- reply with your experience in this field (specifically content writing for ecommerce products - content that is fun, engaging and is SEO relevant - and provide site references and samples of your work
- familiarity with woocommerce and Yoast SEO
- provide an example of your work for the 4 fields above for a product of your choice in (the sweets / candies chocolate niche)
- in your reply with the phrase - I read everything and I am the person you want

It is likely that multiple applicants that reply with highest quality content and best value will be given an opportunity to do limited amount of products to see who the most efficient people are.

Those candidates will then be evaluated on the quality of their work, efficiency and overall value ... and the best 1 or 2 will be given the remainder of the work.