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Job Description


NOT READING all of the application will probably get your application to us deleted.

Hours are part-time as needed but can range from 2 to 6 hours a day. MULTIPLE people are on this job at the same time.

1. Good understanding of ENGLISH

2. Someone who has planned parties or events (weddings, birthdays, corporate parties where you had to hire several types of vendors or manage them.

3. Customers put requests for quotes on caterers, photographers and other vendors into our system, they then have comments or want to add items or make changes to their request.

4. You will be reading what they want to change, add or delete from their request and emailing them back in GOOD ENGLISH sentences and also adding additional services if they want table and chair rental, then you add that to their event request.

5. Can be done at ANY hour of the day.

6. RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED. If your power or Internet has been down over 4 days in the last 6 months then DO NOT APPLY here.

7. DO NOT apply if you plan on asking for a raise in the first 4 weeks. I do not like people bidding at 1.00 per hour and asking for raise 3 days later.

8. If you walk off the job without giving us at least a 7 day notice then you are agreeing that we can cancel all unpaid hours to you.

9. NO customer calling by phone required.

10. DO NOT take this job if you are just waiting for another job to come along. We do not want to train you and then you leave. DO this job because you like the event planning industry and want to work in it.

11. Tell us WHY you want a job in customer service for the event planning industry?

Skills: english

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