expert in mobile websites, php, HTML, Jquery, Javascript, css, Hosting Space and IT


Job Description

We are looking for an expert in:

mobile websites, php, HTML, Jquery, css, Hosting Space and IT.

We have a hosting space of 25Gb and your tasks will be:

1 - Insert data in a simple mobile website - it is copy paste from a Word file or pdf, plus insert 1 image

2 - You must have to know and be able to create a section for each client, you must be very skillful in this step.

3 - Upload and host a simple mobile website for each of our clients, it will be around 2 mb each,

4 - You will be assigned to do a max of 15 of these, 1 for each client. These 15 clients may could take 1 day or 1 week or 1 month for me to get them, it will all depends of when I'm going to receive those 15 clients, once I get them I'll send them to you asap, so, if I receive the 15 in one day I'll send them to you asap and you will have to do this asap.

5 - You must have to be efficient and fast, no mistakes please.

6 - You must be able to do this through the Cpanel or FTP client or any the other types available,

7 - These mobile websites have some scripts in it, maybe a cms and some may have a database or not, some will be simple and others may have some extra simple features, but you must be skillful enough to know how to work with them in order to insert contents, host them and do the smartphone redirection.

8 - Then you must be able to make a smartphone redirection, it in order to be automatically identified when someone browsers on a smart phone,

9 - You need to write those client's login details in an excel sheet all identified by each client. Client name or ID, username and pass, etc.

- copy the link of the website online and add to the excel sheet.

- Every day you will have to update me and send me the excel sheet filled with the details of the jobs done.

Remember that you have to be an expert in this are because if there is any issues with the hosting space, database, cms, etc you must be able to fix it easily and asap.

This is a simple project and once you do it 1 or 2 times you will be able to do it again and again and again easily.

These requirements are crucial:

You must be an expert in these areas
You will be able to do this fast 
Be effective, 
No errors no mistakes, 

It is not a big load of work it is simple work and easy to follow, you'll be doing repeatedly, but has to be done quickly and effective. 

If you do a great job I will continue with you for the next months if you don't do a great job I'll cancel the contract with you asap.

It is easy to achieve if you are an expert.

We will explain more in detail for the selected ones.


Tell me your experience in work like this.
Thank you

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