Job Description

You need to have them agree before you are hired. We want you all to actually know the admins and have them agree.

We need you to find 3-4 facebook fan page admins in relation to funny images, quotes, memes, and etc.

The fan page must contain at least 100k and more fans and must have at least 40k fans "talking about this".

the tough part is to persuade the admins and to get forever with searches. some search words would be a sentence or a quote.
for example; like if you are in a relationship, I rather be sad than put up a fake smile.

The main job is to reach out to the facebook fan page admins and have them agree on the terms of $10 a week for 5 daily posts about our fan page. prices are negotiable depending on how big the pages are. if there are a million fans and about half are talking about this you will receive a bonus if you can convince them.

We are paying $20 per admin that agrees. payment will be sent after one week of work from admin.

Skills: facebook