fanpage/website design


Job Description

Facebook fanpage/web designer required
Good rate of pay and friendly team to work with
As we do not know any candidate’s capability to get the job done satisfactorily and in a timely manner, we propose that you clarify,
a-whether you will be interested in joining our team as a job-share or part-time basis.

b-ours is a huge project but initially we would be running small test budget

and after reviewing your work, we might be in a position to increase your hours/rate
c-please provide your skype contact name, so one of our staff will contact you before initial short-list

please respond to these questions within 72 hours time…. If you need us to consider you in the initial short-list. As stated earlier…all hours should be agreed in advance and payments made through odesk.

Please also note that our administration ( with a few team members) has access to our database of candidates and one of our team member will be contacting you directly via skype , once any decision has been taken by our board. So please be patient and respond to skype messages .