find furries groups and communities in Australia

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Job Description

furries are fans of anthropromorphic animals. That is, animals with human like features or tendencies (Fox McCloud, Sonic the Hedgehog... etc) . There are a number of these groups located in Australia. I need the following information collected:
For at least 12 active groups (Active means that the website is maintained and has been updated in the past 6 months in some way) I need:
1.The name
2. Link to their main website
3. whether they are sex-orientated or not (I will need at least 4 to be)
4. number of members (approximate is ok)
5. main methods of communication and links (so if it is a yahoo group- I will need the link, if it is a discussion forum- link)
6. General topics of conversation
7. list of major events associated with their group

This information should be provided in an excel worksheet with these 7 fields as the column titles.

Skills: yahoo