forex trader data entry

forex trader data entry


Job Description

To enter trades when we instruct and to manage trades as per our instructions .Managing includes entering and exiting (using stops , break even , exiting per exit rules and trailing.).

Trader must be available via Skype , have broadband and computer access 24 hours a day.An eight hour shift is required from 6 a m to 19 hours gmt,

I want to talk on a minute by minute basis on skype - not just communicate via email. It is critical that you tell me when you have questions or when you aren't sure how to proceed. This is very important to me. This is a full time dedicated job ,it requires undivided concentration on screens to analyze data to input.It does not suit housewives with simultaneous cooking and other household chores , to do this on a shared multitask multicommitment basis half-assed job.It does not suit people with personality issues.

The job is weekly contract (renewable only in writing advance) for dedicated time , therefore common virtual assistant skype manners are required .These are little bits of information on skype like .... I am having a 15 minute break or lunch break .. brb (be right back) , acknowledging receipt of every communication on skype with o k.Contractors who do not acknowledge , receipt of skype messages for 5 minutes to 90 minutes regularly , without O K acknowledgements do disappearing acts regularly on paid time , and are often cheating.Unfortunately we state this because we have taken on people without etiquette and common decency , who disappear without notice , and don't fulfill their time and job requirements.They miss many trading signal data entries due to their frequent unauthorised breaks , and are multitasking many other private chores in our dedicated time.if you have personal issues or other similar issues to solve during our paid and dedicated time, please do no apply as such persons will be fired,

Our system following relies on dedicated and competent staff , and their data input in real time , so we are not looking for undedicated staff who do disappearing acts all day.

Starting minimum $3/4 per hour during the first four weeks training.

Good understanding of English and communication skills are required.

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