html-5-animation for "law of attraction"

html-5-animation for "law of attraction"


Job Description

we want an animated logo for the process of law of actraction.

important: we look for a juicy animation, that is tempting to look at, again and again, 3d-look should be maintained, a simplistic approach could be nice.

phase 1:
to symbolize that, we want a human body from the front, where brainactivity is simbolized. (each one as a movie.. a movie like images on a filmstrip.. different movies with different subjects..
a movie might have a castle on one image.. that is degrading thru 3-4 images to a hut and then building up to a nice vila degrading thru another 3-4 images to a slum-house). the filmstrip is running thru the head, and the image in the head is displayed bigger.
when a filmstrip is over, the next one comes, for example a car, same thing with upgrading/degrading.
i would think of 5 different aspects (relationship, body, house, car, education maybe, money (pile vs. single coins, ..), pets (ugly fat, nice cute).
the degrading/upgrading should happen in a morphing way which is always nice to look at.
the mouth of the person (smiley face / sad face) is adequent to the images quality.. if the house is nice, the smiley face is there. if its not nice, the sad face is there.
the heart area is flickering also accordingly, epanding when nice images are there, and decreasing otherwise.
the same images are sent from the heart in a 25% transparent (mostly transparent way, but only very narrow (a little around the body), in a 3d-way, as projected fom the inside on a ball.

phase 2:
the same, but now a filmstrim consists of the same image - the nicest from each above (the house-filmstrip contains only the nicest house on all images).

the face is constantly smiling, a little less, when the movie is "changed". (a new filmstrip is about to be coming, when the old one run out).
again, the images are also leaving the heart, a little distorted, as they would be projected from the heart (the center of the ball) onto a ball from inside.
also here, the transparency is about 25% (25% visible).
the ball grows with a heartbeat (use 1.5s), then a new ball is coming from the center of the heart and growing.
this time the diameter of the ball grows much more, 3times biggger than the body (left to right).
the balls grow slowly, so 2,3 concentric balls in different sizes would be visible at a time.

once again: this is about a smooth magic vieweing experience, which tempts the watcher to look at it again and again.

please use a structure way to create this stuff, so changes can be made easy (timing, items, and so forth).

for this, you have to work closely with me, so i am sure, to get, what i want, and you dont waste time.

we want the endproduct in html5, so any device can easily display it.

you love your work, you have done many many things like this.
you are an expert in the field, and beauty is your passion.
and last but not least: you love to create in a short timespan.

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