iOS Developer - Escape App

iOS Developer - Escape App


Job Description


App description:

We will add a special feature or two to make this app better. Note: do NOT be a developer who hears the small additional feature and then claims they need to raise the budget. The budget is set.

** This app will be a Template for 3 apps. Same UI and functionality, just different subjects. fetching different subject content.

After you complete the initial app, the replicates should be easy.

Job Requirements:

- DEADLINES are very important to me. -

- Must be FAST

- Must be QUALITY.

- Payments: Milestone

- DEADLINES are most important, if you do not meet deadlines, you will be fired.

- Must be on Skype DAILY to communicate progress.

- Even if we don't speak, must report a message to me daily with progress.

Bid must be $250 (no negotiations.) **I've given you an example app, so the bid should be accurate.

This will be a template for 10 apps, both with same functionality, just different subjects.

You basically just have to change the google image API, from different subjects in each of the template versions.

To ensure you've read and agree to the requirements, write the code word "waves app" on top of your application. If you do not, you will be declined. I am looking for someone to work with long term.



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