iOS Developer - Filter App

iOS Developer - Filter App


Job Description


1.) Job Description: Looking for a permanant iOS developer. Most of your jobs will emulate existing apps, but adding features. Emulate the example apps in features; components of your creation will be very similar with design & functionality. Key changes will be disclosed after you are selected and NDA is signed.

2.) DEADLINES are very important to me.

3.) Skill Requirements for App Development (>>SHOW IN PORTFOLIO<<):
- Must be FAST
- Must be QUALITY.

4.) Application Requirements:
- Must have good feedback
- Payments: 0% upfront, 100% paid upon processing for app store.
- DEADLINES are most important, if you do not meet deadlines, you will be fired.

5.) Job Requirements:
- Must be on Skype DAILY to communicate progress.
- Must show high-quality work or you will be fired.
- Even if we don’t speak, must report a message to me daily with progress.

6.) The first app will EMULATE

Bid must be $200 (no negotiations.)

IMPORTANT: To ensure you've read and agree to the requirements, write the code word "FAST DEVELOPER" on top of your application. If you do not, you will be declined. I am looking for someone to work with long term.



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