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Job Description

Expert iOS game developer needed to create a fairly simple iOS game for the iPhone and iPad. I'm looking for someone who is effective and efficient to produce a very polished looking game in the shortest time possible. If you need 10 hours to add a simple feature into the game then this probably isn't for you.

The game concept is pretty simple:
- Player needs to answer a series of questions within x seconds or it's game over.
- These questions are randomly chosen, and the location of the answers are always shuffled around.
- Giving the wrong answer will result in player losing a life, and a chance that the number of questions they need to answer to clear the game will increase by a small random value (i.e. 1-3 extra questions).
- There will also be random events that can happen after a player has answered a question (i.e. reducing or increasing number of questions requirement, giving extra coins or items).
- The game is over when the player answered the last question correctly (win), when a player did not answer a question on time (lose), or when the player has no more lives (lose).

There will be multiplayer, but this is a very simple multiplayer where players just compare score at the end to see who won. Each of the player's games still run as usual without any interference from the other.

There will only be simple animations and no physics involved.

There will be IAP involved. Players will be able to buy coins to spend in the game.

Players can buy powerups with the coins they have.

Graphics will be provided.

If you're interested, please show me some examples of past iPhone games you've developed and I will discuss the project in more detail with people I'm interested to work with. Only apply if you're serious and interested.

To make sure that you've read and understood the basic requirements of the project, please make sure to put the word "MUD" somewhere in your reply. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED!

Skills: games, ipad, iphone-development, mobile-application-development

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