iOS and Android Cross Platform RPG


Job Description

This game will be for both iOS and Android.
I'm not quite sure what I want to call the game yet but that's not a big deal as of right now.

About the game:
This game will be a mix between both Pokemon and iMobsters if you are familiar with both than you may be able to help me.
The problem with most RPG games on iPhone and even Android, is the fact that once you purchase a game for the flat price you are given to choice to pay MORE money to spend on in-app purchases, which frustrates many people, including me.
So I came up with this game.

There will be both a 99 cent version and a free version I'll explain the differences personally.

How is the game played exactly?
I want there be a home screen where the game generally is sprouted from. On this screen you have your character who is the trainer of the monsters you have captured and trained. There won't be on screen controls because you will just have to tap an object in the home screen and your character will walk there and go to the Auction House, for example, to sell and buy new things.

I want there to be tons of features inside this game that keep people playing for a very long time on the only 99 cents they would have to pay to play.

It will be a location based game so if you know how to do that, this may be the job for you.

I have more information and drawings if you are interested let me know.


Skills: rpg, games