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Job Description


Our company has just released an update to the following iPhone App "Instasave Lite":
We need a virtual assistant to help with tasks related to this app: primarily with email handling and marketing over social channels.

Task we need done urgently:
We have a list of 80 iPhone App websites in a spreadsheet and we need the following done:
- Email every single member in the list our App's press release to the appropriate channel/s people, requesting a review. For sites that have an online form, fill in the form.
- For every website on that list which has a forum, sign up to them, and where possible post about our app in the "New app releases" forum if they have one and allowed by their rules.

Contractor Requirements:
- Excellent written and spoken English is a must
- Experience with marketing on facebook, forums, blogs is strongly desired
- Ability to complete the task listed above of emailing the list of 80 sites and signing up to their forums within 3 days of project start
- Available for 5-20 hours per week thereafter for general virtual assistant duties

Skills: marketing

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