iOS developer required to create visual learning app

iOS developer required to create visual learning app


Job Description

I am an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and this is my second startup. The company is called Giraffe, and our team hails from Publishing, Game Design, Education and Artificial Intelligence.

We'd like to help change the way the world learns, as we believe a product-centric, ground-up approach to learning will change education forever.

The pilot project will comprise building a front end iOS client which will communicate with a PHP/MySQL server (already built). You will work closely with me and a designer to refine the specs and come up with a UI design, design, develop and test the product, then launch to the App Store.

The client will help the user search for, refine and organize a variety of content, and provide real time updates that are relevant to the user's level of learning, through backend algorithms. The user will therefore have a constant stream of information (either surfaced from the Internet or otherwise developed by members of our community) from which they can learn more.

There will be a mini-reputation system built in which will measure each user's expertise: this will serve as community-wide recognition and also an incentive to learn further.

As soon as the product is launched, we will deploy our pilot amongst a community (already waiting) that has a strong desire to learn fast, test and collect data on the learning process.

Skills required:

Strong experience in designing and building iOS applications, particularly iPad ones
Good Apple-quality design sense (the HIG are your friends, and you have many others)
Successful deployments in the App store, and elsewhere
Good communication skills
Good planning skills: you can tell the team what you are going to do and do it reliably. If you're late, you come up with a plan to compensate. You take responsibility for everything.

This is a preliminary project but there will be more as data is collected and as we reach our target audience.

In your introduction, please state:
1. You have the experience for this project
2. You have the interest in this project
3. You personally could help this project succeed.

Unless you answer these 3 questions, your application will not be considered.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Skills: design, test, ipad