iPad App modifications

iPad App modifications


Job Description


We need you to review the code (which we will provide) from our Ipad app and need the following changes made.

1) On the home page there is the little X, when you click it there is more information, the last sentence says "You can change colors an d". There should not be a space between the an d it should read and.

2) When you select any of the books, then select the individual letters, individual numbers or individual colours the boxes are also supposed to be clickable but they aren't. They are supposed to load the relevant item but we also want a way for the user to then close that box that opened and go back to the previous screen easily. (we want you to provide a design mockup of how you believe this should work first)

3) While going through the app, we found one crash with following scenario:
a) Start the app.
b) Select Book 'ABC' -> Individual Letters
c) Scroll the screen to see next set of alphabets
d) Select colors book from top menu
e) Tap on Individual Colors

4) Currently there is music when items scroll, we want an easy button always on the page to switch the music on and off and also want a few different sounds to listen to, very soft sounds not hard blings.

Before commencing please purchase this app as we need your feedback and the person who provides us the best information will get this work.


You must download the app first, we will not accept any invites that havent purchased the app upfront and we will only pay once the app has been successfully uploaded into the app store, this mitigates us having any issues after uploading.

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