iPhone/Android App involving Group Chat and Registration/Search using Web Service


Job Description

Application features:

1) This app shall be executable on iPhone 5/6 and Android (preferably with same code base) and also be used on a browser (though browser bit can be separate module).

2) User should able to register his profile (10 fields, few with drop down list box whose data is coming from webservice) and profit add/edit will be sent to server through webservice.

3) User can select contacts from his Phone which will result in sms/email to those contacts - inviting them to download & register.

4) User can do private or group chat or Voting with registered users (user list to be provided by server through web service). Any message from user will go as PUSHED NOTIFICATION to recipients.

5) User's location info will be saved into server . Each user can know how far is another user from him/her.

6) User can upload their photo in the profile.

7) User can be sent alerts (Notifications) triggered by the server

Let me know some ball park estimate (fixed price) which I understand will change once exact details are shared. Or, assuming you just have to develop above Proof of Concept (POC), let us know what it will cost.