iphone app development expert


Job Description


- ONLY THOSE WITH FAST TURN-AROUND and previous experience in SOCIAL app for iphone development should apply!
- PREFERRED - If you already have Skeleton app Ready to use immediately.
- Will pay asking price for skeleton app.

I want a quick prototype of a native iphone app developed. I should be able to test the app in xcode on my Mac.

Design requirements:
1) Stick to maroon and white colours for headers and footers and screen views
2) Stick to black and grey for text; Font - Sorts Mill Goudy Regular

Features required:
1) Facebook login
2) 'Follow' feature to see what your friends are upto
3) Post and tag People and Places onto a new post user wishes to make - post is simply a text string
4) Ability to attach Photo and GPS-location to individual posts
5) Ability to append searchable hashtags to individual posts by using hash symbol or something more creative
5) Search feature (on newsfeed page itself) to 'lookup' posts relating to specific hashtags
6) Ability to push the posts onto newsfeed on Facebook.com
7) Save photos onto iphone

Skills: mobile-application-development