jquery,javascript,twitter bootstrap

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Job Description

I've been using this dtree from destroydrop.com for years.
I would like a quote for some improvememts...

a) make it a jQuery script, using jquery as much as possible. If initialised without jquery already loaded then display an error jquery not found and abort.
b) Add a delete function to a node which can also delete the children nodes
c) allow classes/images/decoration to be added to the node.name
d) allow a drop down context menu to work with a node so that you can have a menu (Add here, Rename, Delete with children..... etc - user specified)
e) Make it work with "twitter bootstrap" so the menu looks cool.
f) allow a user to specify "twitter bootstrap icon"'s instead of gif's so that there is no need to load an image each time a node is created.

I also will need to see how these were tested.