jquery tree drill down


Job Description

Attached is a table structure that you can fill however you want.
Please note that the main purpose of the exercise is to create some type of demo with a explorer tree like drill down

It is not important that you understand everything about it.

PK: primary key ( should be internally supplied... auto increment of some sort)
UK: Unique Key that is externally supplied... (like an invoice number... needs to be unique regardless)
FK: Foreign Keys
Fields what ever values we expect to have. "Label" is a generic field containing human-friendly information for purposes of identification.

So assume I gave you a user ID, then you should be able to display, the corresponding client, then show the contracts, then groups, then the sites then readings. That's it.

Hopefull you can understand the work without me having to explain anything else.

If you think you can do that... then make sure the first word of your reply is JQ11

Please estimate how long and how many odesk hours you need.

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