make a magical 35 second clip for a ballet group from existing videos

make a magical 35 second clip for a ballet group from existing videos

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I need you to make a video-clip for a classic ballet group who perform at weddings and big events.

here is the sample I've created to convey the idea:

what I'm set on:
1) the soundtrack. this is a great song, fits perfectly in the 35s and delivers exactly the mood we are hoping to set with the video
2) the entry sequence (when you see ballerina's feet first, then camera moves up) - it's very elegant and very opening, so I would be surprised if we have another opening sequence

what you still need to do:
1) pick the best-fitting parts from the various videos I've submitted below. the end-video will be played in high-resolution, so the parts have to be superb. I've also found that bits which are less than 5 seconds long don't belong into the video and make it feel cluttered, but maybe I just don't know how to do it.
2) sync the video bits to the music. right now the song changes the sequence, while the videos appear randomly - that feels bad, the video sequence should be in sync with music.
3) edit the video bits so that they appear professional: I'm talking about aspect ratios, colors, background colors, etc - the entire video should feel like one
4) transitions between the video-bits - although I'm pretty happy with the fade-in, I feel like the timing of each fade can be worked on
5) add the scribbling effect for the logo like this or this to the start/end of the video
- I can provide you with the font used
- the logo sequence should include a text line at the end of the scribbling effect like this
- the start of the video should not have sound for a few seconds

basically, I need a high-quality video in the end that we can show to clients and event agencies.
this job is less about the technique and more about having the experience with creating short inspiring clips. we really want this video to be amazing and that's why we went so far with examples and detailed instructions.

here are the videos that you can use

semi-professional videos with little bits of performances (I've indicated where the ballet sequence starts for your convenience) 2m11s 1m45s 2m17s 1m45s

videos with only ballet (amateur, but hd quality)

event 2

event 3

you are free to cut/crop/alter the videos to make a decent clip.

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