need here cherector

need here cherector


Job Description

Description of what we want:

- Friendly, funny looking, chubby, clumsy, Asian, Male superhero version of “Mr. Incredible (3 pictures are attached; Mr incredible.jpg and Mr incredibles.jpg and funny mr incredible.jpg).”

-We something the same as Mr. Incredible but;
- Fatter
- Older
- More Asian/Korean
-Friendly, huggable, guy around the corner

- His outfit is the same color as our company's colors
o Colour codes for our company's colours<
o His belt is orange
o Mr Incredible's Red is green
o Mr Incredible's Black is blue
o No “mask”
- He has an Asian face with Mr Incredible hair
- Has a cape that is blue
- Remember that he is Older 35+
- Has the magnifying glass with check mark from our company logo (attached; "Superhero symbol.jpg" & "logo2") as his “symbol” on his chest

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