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Job Description

if you can do this job then send me a message here in odesk

1.- i have a classifieds site i want the admin folder from my new site added to my old site
2.- you will have to know how to ad to a database to
3.- i want the index page added from my new site to my old site
4.- this should read home then the country and the state and the city you are looking at and the category and the sub category you are in this is the way it looks
Philippines / Visayas / Adult Jobs Must Be 18 / Adult Services
5.- then after you have every thing done you check the site out and test every thing in the site then tell me it is done and working
6.- if there is not some thing working right in the site then i want it fixed
7. changing post ad and post event pages as in the screen shot
and if you can do this then there will be a bounce in it for you
i don't want you to tell me the site is all done and working and the site does not work like the past people i have hired for the job
look at the screen shot i am uploading
then i will check every thing out in the site my self
new site
old site
if you need to know any thing more ask me

Skills: test

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