ongoing VOIP / Asterisk support and consultancy

ongoing VOIP / Asterisk support and consultancy


Job Description


we need ongoing support for VOIP and asterisk implementations.
We need people that have an important experience in this field. Please only reply if you have a lot of experience in this field.
We would like to hire you on an hourly basis to give us insights and support.

Our questions will mostly be simple to answer with somebody with a lot of experience in the field
Every time you answered some questions you just log the time you were busy with them
I just pay your hourly fee. If you agree with this way, accept the proposal and you can start by answering the first questions


What is our background and history with asterisk :
We are a windows company. So our first PBX was 3CX
easy to configure but we had some problems with the sound quality.
Finally I guess this was not related to the product but to our configurations.
Anyway we switched to FreePBX then. I installed a CentOS VM and I hired a consultant to install and configure the asterisk.
One thing was essential for us that was the recording of the calls that should happen automatic and on the server. These consultants managed to do that and we wrote a little reporting tool around it letting us see all calls and listen to them. It used the files that are written + the MySQL DB.
this worked well for a year until now we have some technical problems

What are our current challenges and projects :
1. we have been working well with X-Lite 4. But they forced an upgrade to 5 since then there are problems with calls that are interrupted and sometimes a high sound causing the call to stop
So we need advice on a new software
2. is there good quality free client software ?
3. is there good quality client software that is not free and offers some extras such as transfering calls. Currently with X-lite we must type ##<extension>. We are looking in the range of 10 EURO per license.
4. we would like to offer hosted PBX solutions to our customers including our support. Our customers are not IT minded. For the quality of the sound, does it help to have a router that supports QOS. With what routers do you have good experience. Starting from what number of lines would you consider a dual WAN + router to route all the SIP traffic over a line that is only used for that
Our customers are mostly small companies with between 1 and 20 staff
5. do you have experience with the products of this company :
what is in fact a good software for a secretary handling multiple phone calls
6. can you give me pro and contra for the different distributions : FreePBX, Piaf, trixbox, elastix
7. what is the importance of the different codecs : G711, G722, G729

Skills: voip, pbx, routers

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