parsing to


Job Description

parsing to

I will require information of all products in to be parse into

1) All products in has id (ie:

2) Please see attached nikon.jpg. Each parsed listing requires entry in description from (brown circle on left screen) to description field in (browncircle on right screen)

3) Each Comment (brown box on left side) to be pasted in the comment section ( brown box on right) - Note that there are multiple pages of comment on (as shown in purple box) and preceding comments need to be pasted to right

4) The photo from left side (in yellow box) need to be pasted to (rightside yellow box)

5) some product id url do not exist anymore but still have url. these pages will show the following: 產品不存在或已被刪除. These need to be skipped.

If interested, please write the word: "TODAY-OK" as first letter in your resume so that I know it is not an automated response.