picking up pictures.(Japanese is important) and Translation, Stable job!!!


Job Description

This job is for person who can understand Japanese and English.

I request you to pick up pictures from Japanese online store.
And other job is translation from Japanese to English (Making correct item's title.)
I may add more job in the future.

This is how to do translation.
This is movie how to do this job.

Condition I request you!

1) Person who can work more than 25hours/week
and can work every day.(at least 6days.)
2) Person who can use Excel
3)Person who can use Japanese & English
4) Payment : USD1.5/hour

1)Is it possible to work more than 25hours certainly?
2)How many days can you work in a week?
I hope more than 6days. I want to exchange email to improve job.
(If you can work very much,I will think other job.)
3)Is it possible to use Excel?What is version?
EX)excel 2010
4)Please tell me your level of english and Japanese.
5) Do you have dropbox? Could you send your drop box's email address?
If you don't have,please register from below website.
6)Payment (USD1.5/hour) is ok?
7)Is it possible to work more than 6 monthes?
8)How about your internet environment? Optical fiber or ADSL or more lower ?

When you apply job, please tell me.
I will reply only person who tell me dropbox email address.

I hope person who can work for a long time together!

After you apply
1, I will send some files to dropbox we share.
2, Please do trial test, after I hire.
(Your working time will be limited until you finish trial test.)
3,After you clear trial test,
Please work maximum time that you can do.
If you cannot clear, I will finish our contract.

Best regards,

Skills: english, test