programmer for web app / wordpress plugin development (prototype for possible SaaS)


Job Description

A passionate and enthusiastic programmer with excellent skills is required to help quickly build (and tweak as necessary) "a minimum viable product" so I can do some market testing.

I'm not too worried about the look for now - more about the functionality and backend / admin.

There will be a customer side where they can fill out information and certain actions are taken based on the information entered.

There will be a client side, where the client can view customer information and certain stats - and receive automated reports based on this information.

And there will be overall admin side which can view all information and drill down into clients / customers etc.

Please read the full description in the attachment, it contains a high level overview of the project. Strong potential candidates will get further information and specifics in an interview.

Please read the entire job posting as I have taken the time to give you as much information as necessary at this point ... so please reply accordingly.

A passionate and enthusiastic person is required because I want someone who:
- really cares about doing a great job
- will look for the best solution rather than take an "well i don't know of a simple way to do that so I'm going to say it's too hard" attitude
- will come up with suggestions to make this project even better as it unfolds
- it will be a fun challenge, and something quick and easy for them as they know what they are doing (even if its troubleshooting a possible solution)

Depending on the market testing - there could be a long ongoing relationship for this beyond the initial project.

Initially I am not to concerned with looks / design - I am more after the functionality so I can get testing.

I have used generic terms in the description attached, hopefully they make sense - if you have questions please ask.

There is currently a website / system that has similar functionality and elements of what I want, I don't yet have access to it - however if you are the right candidate I will show you videos of the system and pay for access so you can understand it and get a feel for which elements I want to replicate / enhance / avoid.

In you application include:
- your experience with wordpress plugin development, php and web app development
(or if you think this is best served in another wordpress manner demonstrate why with your experience)
- any addons / extensions you have created for existing plugins where appropriate
- attach the files / documentation for a plugin that best demonstrates your experience so I can see your code and look at the functionality
- based on the high level overview included here, how long you think it would take to get to minimum viable product for testing
- when you can start / how much time you can give to it
- ***why you want to work on this project*** <- this is important to me

I want to get this started and have minimum viable product built ASAP. So excellent candidates who are available to start immediately will get interview preference.

Common Questions:
Q: Why wordpress, can it be a stand alone application?
A: I understand wordpress and i think that it will be helpful down the road for its SaaS/ multisite or quickly adding / modifying things through plugins as the project grows. Many programmers also know wordpress so if things need to expand, understanding how it all hangs together shouldn't be too difficult. It also means I know how to pick up the whole thing (or parts of it) and move it if necessary. If you can talk me around to something else - you need to have a compelling reason.