quick XML fix

quick XML fix


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http://ammoseek.com/view.now/xml_feed.html INSTRUCTIONS

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It is missing the URL of the product.

HERE IS THE NOTE - about the error

As far as the feed below, there's a problem: The <url> fields do not contain the URLs to the product pages.
They are all http://www.munireusa.com/index/

Each record should have the URL directly to the product page the record is describing.
For example: http://www.munireusa.com/22-lr-federal-american-eagle-40-grain-solid-1240-fps-40-round-box/

Once that's fixed, I should be able to get you up and running pretty quickly.

the coder is directly linking into the DB and pulling from our API/database - munireusa.com

this page pulls from the db andha all of the links to the products. http://www.munireusa.com/index/

you must know XML - I need someone to work on this immediately. SO everything is there BUT pulling the url in the XML feed.


another note from ammo seek
Most important, of course, is the <url> problem in mentioned in my last email. However, while I'm working on it I may as well tell you about some other [minor] problems I've run across. First, records which do not mention the number of rounds will get skipped over. For example, these:

<product Type="ammunition">
<title><![CDATA[12 Gauge Buckshot]]></title>

<product Type="ammunition">
<title><![CDATA[223 Monarch Brass Rem FMJ]]></title>
<description><![CDATA[&lt;p&gt;223 Monarch Brass Rem FMJ&lt;/p&gt;]]></description>

Also, I'm running into come ambiguity with some of the calibers. For example:

357 JHP 158 Grain 50 rounds Freedom
--> My algorithm cannot determine if this is ".357 Mag", ".357 SIG", or ".357 Remington Maximum"

45 Hornady (20)
45 Winchester 230 Gr FMJ 50 rounds
--> My algorithm cannot determine if these are ".45 ACP", ".45 GAP", ".45 Auto Rim", ".45 Colt", ".45 Super", ".45 Schofield", or ".45 Win Mag"

If you could be more specific in your descriptions, these items will not get skipped over.
Use this caliber list to reference the calibers we support: http://ammoseek.com/?view_calibers=now

I want to help you list as many of your products as possible. I'm hoping this information help.

Please let me know if you need any clarification.


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