resizing images for ecommerce site

resizing images for ecommerce site


Job Description

Very simple job - all you have to do is resize images provided.

Most images will be too large - some are a little too small, but there's not much we can do about that.

The images that are too large will need to be reduced in size so that the maximum amount actual image fits within the given dimensions (510w x 652h) so there is as little white space as possible.

The images that are too small - white space will have to be added (as we don't want grainy images ... unless you think you can increase the size while still keeping the quality) - again to fit within the dimensions.

And of course we are aiming for image consistency so it looks good in the online product catalogue as people are browsing the site.

There could be up to 500 images to do.

The output should be web ready jpgs - ie maximum image quality and minimum size as page load times are important - and more images, especially large ones, mean slower page load times for a website.

Please respond with:
- a quote for resizing 500 images
- examples of before and after as it relates to this job
- examples sites you have done similar work for previously
- the phrase - image master - in your response

This job will have some initial load, and will require additional work as images are provided over the coming few weeks.