salesforce and mailchimp expert

salesforce and mailchimp expert


Job Description

the task is :
Salesforce development improvements
Add “Product interest field” 1. Collections & Payments 2.Fraud Management 3. Credit lifecycle 4. Other
Add option to lead source drop down: Website Form [Reason]
Website comments
Automated status addition as: Marketing lead open

Salesforce integration with mailchimp
All fields the same across both- either updated- feeds back into salesforce or to mail chimp.
When lead unsubscribes to Mailchimp- updates in salesforce- so lead cannot be emailed again!!
If a new lead is input in mailchimp subscribe—feeds into salesforce as “Marketing lead newsletter subscription”
Is it possible to update clicks/ opens/ activity analytics into Salesforce and hook it up to notifications to make contact with people who are most engaged with the emails? So the sales guys will know who to call- and where they came from?

For the website form- Segments created on lead source that will update- eg sign up for a certain download- then this will then link into salesforce again and set up a notification for a sales guy to call them?
Set up auto responders from mail chimp for the website? That data will then feed back into mail chimp, then also over to salesforce--- (where will it go?)

Salesforce integration with website forms
All fields for website forms, need to be aligned with mail chimp and salesforce and once filled in updates both- flags up an alert email & notifies on salesforce and mailchimp if someone has input same data more than once- but doesn’t delete anything if duplicated data!

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